Friday, November 6, 2009

Campinas, Brazil - Day 54

It's raining. Humidity levels are approaching 100% saturation. In the grayness of the morning the red rooftops have taken on a flat hue. The balcony's in the building across from here weep dark gray tears against the concrete. My skin is clammy. My hair curls against my cheek and my forehead. The time between myself and The First can now be measured in hours. I am jittery with anxiety. My body ticks like a grandfather clock. Thoughts jump from room to room, bouncing off walls in the recessions of my mind. To hold her, to breathe in deeply her scent, to run my hands across her bare back, to caress her face, to kiss her lips, to squeeze her breasts until she gasps into my ear.

Monday, November 2, 2009

12 steps - 7. humble (bubbles)

Humbly ask to forgive my shortcomings.

I stood over her. Tufts of bubbles covered her like a blanket, white against her white skin. In the silence of the bathroom where candles made shadows sway, the bubbles crackled and  popped. Hot bath water lapped gently against her sides and  between her legs. My senses were assaulted by the scent of the bath, a rich aroma of lavender, heady and sweet. She curled her toes and stretched out one long slippery leg
"Yes?", she softly inquired. She fluffed up bubbles against her breasts. One pink nipple peeked out cheekily like a pixie amidst a wild English garden.
She stuck her tongue out at me. "Can I help you?"
So I pissed on her.
She squealed in dismay. But was there a note of lust that I detected? Hidden like a subliminal message in the sound of her alarm. Or was it delight. The warm stream poked jagged holes into the bubbles and splashed against her belly. Rivulets ran down her sides and snaked down the crack between her thighs. She moaned slightly. She fingered her cunt, rubbing my piss into the soft flesh. She squeezed a tit, pinching a nipple. She writhed and squirmed and the soiled water lapped at her glistening breasts. 
She sat up and water poured down her naked body. Bubbles slid off her almost in indignation at the rude assault. Her body glistened in the subdued light. She continued to finger her cunt as she brought her head close to my cock. A pink tongue playing peek-a-boo from between full lips....