Tuesday, June 12, 2007

so Precious

To hear the sound of my hand across your bare flesh
the sharp report of leather
To rake my nails across your pale skin
the caressing kiss of a feather
To watch as the tears run silent down your Precious cheeks
the ring of bruises colour your spine
To kiss your salty lips, taste off your tongue
Whisper you are Mine

a matter of taste

The afternoon sun muted by the drapes, bathes the room in a cool glow. She is dressed only in one of my shirts, held closed by one button. Cute pink and white panties nestles between the deep V of her upper thighs. She's lying on my left arm, half of her body outstrectched against my own. Right leg bent, one dainty foot placed perfectly between my thighs, bells around her ankle tinkling with every movement. She has her face buried into my neck, hidden behind a tangled mane, her soft sighs, blowing cool against my skin. I have been casually playing with her for a little while now, as I watch TV - grazing my palm across her soft belly, brushing my fingers along the edge of her panty, slipping a little finger just under the waistband. With my left hand, hooked over her shoulder, I've also been rolling a soft nipple between my thumb and forefinger, the remaining fingers cupping and kneading her soft ample breast.
Her sighs turn to low moans and her body begins to twist and turn under my hands, lips lightly clamped onto my neck while I slowly slide my right hand down further, slipping my middle finger along the outside of her panty, in between her snatch. My finger is instantly soaked by her juices, sticky wetness that has oozed out from the fabric.
A sharp intake of breath against my neck and her body goes rigid, relaxes, reacting to my touch like a fine tuned piano wire. Pinching down on the soft tissue of her erect nipple, I continue to rub the ridge of her snatch through the soaked panty. Slipping a finger under the edge of the panty, making contact with the soft lips of her pussy, brings another moan, a little louder this time. Against my neck, her breathing has quickened, ragged, quick short gasps, soft mewlings with every stroke and pinch of my fingers.
I sit up, sliding her body off me and she yelps softly as the blood rushes back into her bruised nipple, released from it's trap between thumb and forefinger. Bent over her, I run my tongue down her belly leaving a wet trail towards her groin and once again her body stiffens in anticipation. Moving the edge of her saturated panty away from the fold where thigh meets groin, I lower my face, extend my tongue and lick across the drenched lips of her pussy.
The dizzying array of senses - the musky aroma of her cunt, the bitter-sweet nectar of her juices, slams into my head and a low growl escapes my lips from deep within me. It's an incredible rush, an eruption of flavour and fragrance like no other and I bury my tongue into her sticky folds lapping urgently, flicking it along the sensitive hood of her clit, nipping along the edges of her labia as I slowly insert a finger into her dripping hole.
Beneath me her body erupts. Stiffening at first, then lurching violently against me, her head snaps sideways, forced by the surge of the impending climax. Her juices run freely now, coating my tongue and lips, dribbling down my chin, the fine hairs of her bush tickling my nose. I insert a second finger into her pussy, the soft spongy walls contracting and spasming with every dance of my tongue. Suckling tightly on her clit, fully exposed now from beneath it's sheath, I bare my lips and clamp my teeth into the soft flesh and she howls, a long low bestial sound as her orgasm rips across her in waves, body convulsing with every ripple.
Reaching up, stretching my body across hers, she wraps her arms around my neck and I insert my dripping fingers into her mouth. She laps at them urgently, running her tongue in between each digit, sucking and savouring her taste.
My mouth inches from her lips, I flick my tongue to caress the edge of her mouth.

"That's just a taste of more to come"

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Stepping from the doorway the stifling heat hits me like a dragon's breath, almost knocking backwards. Fuck! I groan. I really don't want to be out here. My shirt is already stuck to my skin, rivulets of sweat running down my sides and chest. The sun soaked pavement shimmers hypnotically as I glance down the nearly empty street. Even the cars seem to move slowly, as if their tires are glued to the sticky tarmac. The cigarette stumbles from my fingers to sizzle out in the drain. The putrid stagnant water, emanating a foul odour.
"Can you spare some change?" the bum croaks from below me his one eye swollen and oozing a fetid yellowish liquid. He coughs, his frail body bent from the heaves. I sneer at him. "Watch the fucking boots old man!"
The sun is strong, even through the haze of smog and the tint of the Ray Bans, driving slivers of pain directly into my temples. That fucking bitch better be gone before I get back. I check my watch, the $400 Seiko telling me I have 40 minutes left. Christ! what a fucking day already. The car alarm beeps twice, headlights winking in acknowledgment as I zap it with the remote. I feel sick, the bile rising up inside me and I swallow, taking a deep breath. I need another drink. I drank too much last night. And that little cunt that's still asleep upstairs passed out even before I had finished with her. They just don't make them like they used to even if you paid for it. Opening the car door I take a step back. The pent-up heat from inside rushes out with explosive force taking the smell of leather with it. There's even a trace of cheap perfume that still lingers as I slide inside and turn the key.

© 2bucks, inc., 2007

Thursday, June 7, 2007


What...! Now?!". The look on her face is a picture of incredulity with a tracing of stubbornness mixed in.
"Now would be a good time, I'm not doing anything else". Placing my hands behind my head, I sit back on the couch, the leather creaking beneath me.
She glares at me, petulance creeping into her green eyes. I smirk. She drops her gaze and begins to slip out of her shirt pulling it above her head, her breasts falling free, bouncing slightly as they're released from the confining material. She gathers them up in her hands to briefly fondle them, flicking her thumbs across the gradually stiffening nipples. She grunts, pouting, her eyes smoldering with a mixture of turbulent passion and disobedience.
"Now what?". Her voice drips with indignation.
"Pick up the candle"
"It was not a request my Precious. Pick up the candle, please"
Turning with rebellious slowness, she gathers her hair, tying it back. Her eyes have not left my face. She picks up the candle stand, the flame flickering in protest, a small black tendril of soot writhing upwards.
"This is going to hurt". Her voice has taken on a plaintive whine, the corners of her mouth turned down in a child-like pout.
"We've been through this before. You'll be just fine"
She raises the red candle up before her, the flickering tongue throwing dancing shadows against her pale skin. She draws in a deep breath, bites down on her lower lip and tips it over. I take an equally deep breath and hold it. She squeezes her eyes shut. I stare with fixed intent at the bubble of molten wax growing mercilessly ever larger as it looms inexorably over the edge...

Monday, June 4, 2007


The morning sun muted by the diaphanous drapes across the window illuminates her tresses with a radiant glow, obscuring her face. Shivers ripple across my damp skin as it splays upon my belly. The weight of her thighs across my legs pins me to the bed. I can feel the electric arcs from her engorged nipples drag over my exposed thighs-muscles taught in anticipation. She draws a wet tongue across my waist line, and down between the folds where my thigh meets groin, blowing softly on the wet trail. My back arches in response to the clash of sensations and she giggles softly, a pealing sound of tinker bells. She continues to lick my skin, alternating with soft kisses, working her way downwards to my semi-hard cock as it lays dormant against my thigh, twitching slightly with every touch of her lips.
I growl softly, deeply as her tongue finds it's way towards my member, sliding along it's length, flicking over the moist tip, to continue over my thigh. She looks up, eyes clouded with yearning, warm cheek against my fevered skin.
"May I bite?"
"Yes you may", I manage to hiss, my senses ravaged by wanton fervour. Body rigid with expectancy.
Her sharp teeth clamp down on the inside of my left thigh. Even with the knowledge of the impending bite, the pain, as it spears it's way across my belly and down to my scrotum, roars like a storm, almost crippling me. And through the vaporous haze of sensations I feel her mouth envelope my now fully erect penis her lips sliding down the shaft to suck urgently on her prize. I pound the bed with my right hand as I grasp a lock of her hair with my left. A long low moan escapes my lips as I feel her tongue flick viciously back and forth across the sensitive head, my hips bucking with every stroke. She moans in unison, sending a rumble of modulated notes down my cock, to gently vibrate against my testes. I cannot take it anymore. Pulling her head up away from my trembling member, a sliver of spittle webs from her lips,
"What shall we call your tongue?", I whisper in a controlled snarl of passion and lust.

A whispered reply, meant only for my ears.
"You may call it Talent"

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Red Rain - tres

Shifting twisting the fog around us was coiling boiling....
Enveloping enclosing in it's tendrils tight.....
Pushed to the ground the shadow's arms around me did surround....
Caressed my skin hot like balm in it's cool embrace I luxuriated randy and calm....
~Desolation Angel

The rain has dissipated slightly but the drops continue to fall soaking our already saturated skin and clothes. Steam from the ground rises like ethereal figures coiling and twisting to wrap around her form in the gloom. I can barely see her in the darkness but I am very aware of her. Lying back on the soggy earth, grass and rock prodding into my back, she is straddled atop of me, naked from the waist up, long flowing hair now matted and stringy from the rain, falling across her face and shoulders. With her sodden skirt bunched up across her waist, thighs on either side of my hips, the warmth of her pussy enveloping my cock like a sheath, she rocks her hips driving our loins together.
She has one hand wrapped lightly across my throat, the other rests on my chest. Both of my hands clasp her buttocks as she fucks me with almost animalistic abandon, breasts bouncing up and down with the effort. Now with my fingers digging deep into her soft flesh, I hold her steady as I pump my hips, driving my engorged member like a piston in and out of her tight wet cunt. I can feel her stiffen underneath my hands as her orgasm slowly starts to build and she leans back away from me, hands resting on my thighs, grinding her hips into me.

Without warning, I bring my right hand down to strike her bare flesh, the sound echoing off into the darkness. A moan escapes from her lips as the sting of the slap, accentuated by the wetness, sends a ripple of pain across her, stinging my palm. I strike her again and she squeals this time, her body bucking in reaction.

"Are you going to cum for me? Are you ready to cum for me, my little whore?". I bring my hand down hard once more across her ass.

In response, her body goes rigid for a brief second and then her orgasm explodes across her . The lips of her pussy clamp down on my cock, thighs gripping my hips as a guttural moan escapes her lips. She slumps forward to lay prone on top of me, soft breasts pushing into my chest, hard nipples poking into my damp skin. She buries her face into my neck whimpering softly. Her body continues to spasm and jerk on top of me as I stroke her back, one hand slipping into the fold between her buttocks. I slip one finger into the soft puckered petal-like flesh of her hole, while I use my other fingers to stroke my cock as it glides in and out of her.

She raises her head finally from my neck to stare at me with slightly hooded eyes - I know what's coming next and I take a deep breath. With a serpentine look that crosses her features, she drops her face to grasp my bottom lip between her teeth. A flash of pain sears across my head as she bites down hard on the soft flesh. Metallic tang crosses my tongue. Her breath is hot and rushed against my face. She sucks urgently on my bruised lip. One hand across my throat - a gentle pressure of possession, of quiet persuasion, she whispers from between clenched teeth:

"It's your turn now"

© 2bucks, inc., 2007