Thursday, September 27, 2007


"Wise temperance of the stomach is a door to all the virtues. Restrain the stomach, and you will enter Paradise. But if you please and pamper your stomach, you will hurl yourself over the precipice of bodily impurity, into the fire of wrath and fury, you will coarsen and darken your mind, and in this way you will ruin your powers of attention and self-control, your sobriety and vigilance".
Russian Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov (19th century)

The drone of the vibrator lulls me. Her occasional hiss, breath drawn sharp between clenched teeth, arouses me. Delicate vibrations pass through me from the back of her naked thigh sprawled across my leg. The ripples caress my loins like gently waving anemones in the dark. The room is lit by a single kerosene lamp. Shadows dance and gyrate along the wall with every flick of the small flame. Beside me, she shudders and moans, writhes and contorts in unison. Her head digs harshly into my arm. Her breasts rise as her back arches. Tool plays in the background, the music rising to a crescendo, urging her on. Time spools outwards and I ride it like wave. On wings of gossamer memories, backwards I fly, arms outstretched, head flung back.

...she had slid down my length, scraping her long fingernails down my chest, my belly. Grasping my already hard member in a velvet fist, her tongue had slid out, serpent-like to flick across the moist tip. She stroked me across half-closed lips, once, twice, who's keeping count and slipped me into her mouth. A nip, bite, stroke, tug, suck, flick, suck, pull, lick, suck, a whimper. Teeth, spittle, tongue, hands, fingers, lips, drool. She fucked with me with her mouth. She made love to my cock driven on with every moan. Her lips rode my hardness, slick, shiny, swollen.
Cacophony of lights twirled and swirled behind my eyelids. Explosions inside my head. Ragged breath held for one mellifluous moment before spurting, gushing into her eager warm mouth. Her fingers exploring, caressing, cupping. Soft kisses as my erection had slowly subsided, liberally coated with my cum and her spit. Giggles and whimpers in between each swallow. Gentle strokes, impish licks, my cock drained and flaccid, helpless in the palm of her hand. Lips swollen and coated with remnants. Panting, desperately grasping for breath, jerking spasmodically with each flick of her tongue.

...a change in pitch draws me back into the darkened room, pulling me from my reverie. I know with instinct that she has inserted the shaft into her wetness. I find myself stroking my slowly hardening cock, the tip still viscous and slick. Her breathing has deepened, each breath shorter and closer together. I sit up, pausing to gaze down at her beauty. Passionate fervour is written across her face, etched into the furrows of her forehead. Swollen lips slightly parted, hard nipples perched atop deep pink aureoles. My fingers twitch as memories of the small buds clamped between my thumb and forefingers tickles along the corridors of my mind. Her hands are clenched tightly between open thighs. Restrained back and forth movements of her dainty wrists as she fucks herself with measured strokes. Lust gurgles to the surface of my fingers and I run the back of them down the middle of her body. Finally clamping my hand over hers, squeezing with subtle demand, I slow down her movements. She whimpers.

"That's enough My Precious"
"No! Please!", she implores with child-like petulance. "I don't want to stop"

I pull back on her hands and the toy slides out with greased ease, riding along the white flecks of her desire. The buzz growing louder in the small room as it emerges from her lubricious depths like a birth.

"You've had enough", I repeat, patiently admonishing her.
"But I am greedy. May I please have more?"

I kiss her into silence tasting myself on her lips.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

vamp - Chapter 2, Part III

Peering up at him, her fingers that tapped atop the eroded and pitted stone of some obscure mortal that had lost their life, went idle. A command perhaps that whispered inside her head. She was amused at his name for her. The corner of her mouth twitched almost imperceptibly. She tried to gauge his next move at the same time attempting to sum him up.
Distinctive articulate actions. His voice, surreal, not of this earth or so it seemed, played tricks upon her mind, for the underscore of his voice carried an almost commanding tone . She also detected a subtle growl so cleverly hidden beneath his well spoken manner. Did something sinister lurk? What in god's creation had she met up with on this night? The wind picked up suddenly. The creaking groan of the bare branches moaned out eerily into the night. She grunted, giving a shrug as though she cared not what he had called her.

"Time?" she sneered now. "Whatever do you so mean by that...Dirk?" She dropped a pause just before his name and it splashed in the space that separated them like a pebble into a pond. Tension rippled between them and she bobbed along the waves. A boat steering towards a distance shore. She tensed slightly, her stance slightly more defensive, green eyes narrowed to slits of distrust.
"I am afraid I do not have the time to dally; the hour is late and I am tired. The longer I am kept from a warm fire and my glass of wine, the greater my impatience grows"

The corner of his lips curled upwards in a smirk, a natural act that bespoke centuries of contempt and scorn. It touched a raw nerve within her and indignation flowed out, tinging her words with an acidic tang.
"Be gone with you man, you are not worthy of my time and effort". Her head snapped back, her slender alabaster neck stretching to it's full length as she mocked him, each word enunciated clearly as if speaking to a child. "Take it to some filthy subservient slut or wench. For that I AM NOT!"
Her small house sat alone on the other side of the cemetery. It was a small affair, unpretentious on the outside, surrounded by abundant gardens of flowers, landscaped with love and countless hours spent on her knees. All she wanted now was to be within the safe confines of it's walls. For inside was her true sanctuary. Impatience surged through her veins and she wanted to turn away from this man. She wished to simply stride purposefully away from him. To walk with measured clipped steps. Let him drink in the sight of her ass as she placed one foot in front of the other. But she couldn't move. Curiosity had her gripped in it's cold vice. Excitement trickled through her in feverish palpitations. She took a deep breath.

"As you desire then."
He had still not spoken, only had shifted his weight from one foot to the other. She forced her tone flat, nonchalant even, One hand still resting on the tombstone, the other now at her waist, the black leather trench coat flapped open in the gust of wind that suddenly swirled about her feet. It parted revealing to him thigh high black leather boots that ended just below the hem-line of her red skirt.

"Since you suddenly appeared to have lost control of your tongue, I will be taking my leave now...sir".

With great effort, she twirled to her left, tossed her hair over her shoulders and begun to walk away.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Her soft hand enveloped in mine is warm to the touch. The sun is bright overhead. Gulls screech and pirouette over the bright blue water of Horseshoe Bay. Out here even they look cleaner. Whiter feathers from feeding on fish. Next to me she sighs. A sound so soft that I almost miss it, but it is a sound that is ingrained along the bead of my soul. It plucks a string and my heart sings in harmony. She places her cheek upon my shoulder and loose strands of her golden hair flick across my face, tickling my nose and lips.
The chatter and laughter of would-be passengers and tourists swirl around us with the breeze blowing in from the Bay. A few cast furtive glances overcome by curiosity. But I don`t care. We don`t care. Right now, we are the only ones that exist in this fleeting pause of time. I have waited a lifetime for her.

``You`re beautiful and you are mine``
She sighs once more. In the distance the blare of the ferry horn rumbles across the water. We start to walk back to the car with my feet 10 feet above the ground. Next stop, Departure Bay. This is my first ferry ride in eight years. I tingle with excitement. ``I love you``, she says quietly. I slap her ass. `Get in the car woman, I don`t want to miss the boat``

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

forever, not forgotten

With my love I walked in the summer weather,
When the dew of the morning like pearls hung high;
And the sunbeams sifted like gold, as together
We wandered the meadows-my love and I.

And the sky like a primrose bent and listened,
O’er the sapphire sea where the sunlight fell,
Till it thrilled at the touch-and thrilling, glistened;
And the mermaids wound their nautilus-shell.
~Maude Meredith, 1884 (Forgotten)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

the awakening - Chapter 2, Part II

He could have smiled or snarled, she couldn't quite tell in the dark. Lips pulled back, teeth iridescent and bared in the waning moonlight, his face still shadowed. And then she heard him laugh. A soft sound, ominous like the distant sound of thunder, yet with undertones of genuine mirth...

He watched as she took two steps forward knowing that her curiosity had finally overcome her fear. Drawn like a moth to a lantern, she had to see his face. He chuckled again at her words. Her voice soft as a plucked harp yet brimmed with arrogance, defiant in the face of the unknown. In an instant, he took a liking to this woman. He admired her resolve, and just as instantly resolved to take it easy with her. Easy prey indeed. He laughed as his mind went off on yet another tangent, congratulating himself on the silly word-play that came to him so easily.

'Cos I'm e-eas-ay, e-easy on a Sunday mor-or-ning', sang The Commodores inside his head.
With yet another effort, He snapped out of his reverie, reminding himself that this woman deserved his attention. As fleeting as it sometimes could be.
"Get a grip man, there is business at hand!", he snarled inwardly. He took a moment to assess the situation once more before he made any move. She was obviously armed and not afraid to use the little dirk which had disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. There was also the imperious manner in her poise, the graceful elegance in her stance. He could also tell that she was used to getting her own way. His first assessment of her was right. Well of course it was-he was never wrong. He wondered what kind of attire was hidden beneath the long coat -if there was anything at all. A vision flashed before his eyes, of her kneeling naked and face bowed, tears spilling down the cold hard granite of the gravestone she was pushed upon, her silken alabaster back violated by angry gashes slashed diagonally across her skin. Bright red droplets that marked it's angry trail filled his mind.

The beast awakened by the rude percussion, slowly raised it's head and growled, low, deep and long. It smelt her fear and her sex above the scent of her perfume - Lilac and Lavender. And the tattoo of her nails as it tapped atop the headstone, beat in perfect metre with it's cold dark heart.

The marked contempt in her voice coursed through his belly directly to the creature inside. It grated upon it's fevered brow. The beast stirred. It stretched out a stiff limb and flexed a claw craggy and knotted from an eternity of darkness. A hooded shadow crossed his eyes as the beast peered forth at this woman and he almost reached out for her. The urge to hook a talon along the top of her long coat - to hear her breath hiss with each pop of a button, to release her ample breasts, to rake a sharp nail along a soft rosy nipple, raged through his being like an torrent. He would bring her to her knees with a single command. He would slip his still moist cock from within his jeans, hard and throbbing. She would extend her tongue, eyes closed and accept the sacrament of His host with docility and submission. She will please him as he sees fit.

Deep within, the beast raised it's monstrous head and growled, it's loins aroused by the depraved vision. It's malignant heart begun to beat once again to push the malodorous blood through it's blackened veins. Parched scales stretched and cracked as it's body slowly uncoiled. A serpentine tongue flicked out to savour the moment as a longer, abominable growl escaped it's withered lips.

He cleared His throat, to mask the sound. Stepping forward into the moonlight, fighting back every carnal urge, his struggled to soften his features, lower his voice. Clearing his throat, he addressed her, "At the risk of sounding trite m'lady, what's a girl like you doing wandering through these grounds so late at night? You never know what lurks within these shadows"
He watched her start, a flicker of something crossed her face - eagerness perhaps, fear, or was it willingness?
He smirked, and his eyes flicked to her tapping fingers, long and slender tapering to perfectly filed nails. She chose not to answer. Tap, tap, tap, went her nails. Thud, thud, thud went his heart.
(I would stop doing that if I were you!)
"Very well then. I shall call you My Lil Vixen-for now. There is time enough to learn your true name"

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