Thursday, May 31, 2007

how's the weather, mr. shelly

I will swallow until I choke
These images on the screen
Canned news, ready in 60 seconds
Just add the tears of the children
As they make bright tracks
On their haunted faces
40 dead
Ground ran red
Shot in the head
Hit and run
Burned by the sun
Ban the gun
Bloated bellies
Goons and heavies
How’s the weather, Mr Shelly?
A pill to cure your every ail
We will make you live forever
Won’t you have another ale
We can make your dreams
Explode into reality
Keep you safe and clean
Try this cream for eternal beauty
Hovering flies
Feeble cries
Another one dies
Fur stoles
Shattered souls
Score another goal
Mad cows
A Diamond blouse
Broken plows
I will swallow
I will swallow
Until I choke

© 2 bucks, inc., 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Red Rain - duae

We are drenched within seconds of stepping outside into the torrential rain. She drops my hand, leaving me behind to run into the middle of the lawn. Steam rises from the scorched earth in wraith-like apparitions twisting and turning in the night, bringing life back into the parched green. She spins around, her face completely enshrouded by her long hair that has cascaded down past her shoulders. Her arms are outstretched like a supplicant preparing for an unholy sacrament. Her clothes are completely soaked in an instant and cling to the milky pale curves of her body, wrapped like a second skin around her.

I walk up to her, squinting against the falling drops, laughing at her frivolous enthusiasm and catch her mid-spin. She laughs, child-like, infectious like a playful spirit her eyes dancing impishly. She slumps against me and I hold her steady. Her bouncing breasts push firmly against my chest as she wraps her arms around my neck. Our lips touch, she opens hers ever so slightly in invitation and I flick my tongue into her mouth. Electric sparks erupt as our tongues seek and probe each other with fevered urgency. I slide my hands around the back of her head drawing her closer as the rain drips steadily down our noses. My cock hardens as she mews softly above the drone of the rain. Running my hands downwards to explore her back, we pressed our bodies ever closer, grinding our hips against each other. Sliding my hands down to cup her buttocks through the soaked skirt, slipping my fingers into the crevice, I probe the softness of her. She gasps at the touch and I lick her neck.

Finally we break apart and we gaze into each other’s eyes. Not a single word has passed between us, and yet a volume of dark desires and hunger have crossed the small space between us. I reach for her breasts squeezing them roughly, eager fingers digging into the soft malleable flesh, seeking her nipples hard beneath the slippery blouse. She pushes away from me and drops to her knees. Her hands fumble first with my belt, then the buttons, the task made more challenging due to the wetness of my jeans, finally pulling down the waistband to reach in and draw out my hard member. She looks up at me with demure eyes filled with passion. The rain streams down her face. She is a spectre of submission and longing. She extends her tongue, so pink in the inky night, places my cock on the tip as if to accept the Host, closes her lips around the head and with her eyes locked on my face, slides it into her warm mouth...

© 2 bucks inc., 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 eat of the apple-part II (1979)

The door opens washing the garden with a soft glow of yellow light. I push back into the shadows, my heart pounding so hard, I can barely breath. The urge to pee is overpowering. My knees shake.
She approaches me quietly and we stand for a moment before each other in the darkness, unsure at first what to say or do.
She pickes up my hand and and we embrace. I feel the thud of her heart through her breasts as they press against me. She shivers slighlty before pulling away. Leading me by my hand, she heads towards the washroom that's separated from the house. We hold a collective breath as the rusty hinges squeak in protest, the sound amplified by the quiteness and our nervousness.
Closing the door behind us, we turn to hold each other again. We cannot turn on any lights for obvious reasons. Her outline radiates in the blue hue of the moonlight like an ethereal form. That first kiss is electric, our tongues nervously exploring each other's mouths, remembering to breathe. Hands wandering urgently around each other's bodies, I grope her breasts, squeezing intensely. She places her hands over mine, guiding me to be gentle at first, moving my hand down towards her crotch, to slip underneath her dress, her pussy so soft and moist. She's not wearing an panties.
She pulls away, kneels in front of me, slips my cock from underneath my shorts and takes me into her mouth. The shock of the first touch slams into the base of my spine, gripping my heart in a tight vice. I rock forwards on my feet wanting her to take in all of me. My scrotum tightens, my legs tense and I don't know where to put my hands. Her mouth feels so warm and moist, like the inside petals of a flower as she works her tongue across my cock. She slips me out of her mouth, drops the lid out of the toilet seat, pushes me down on to it, hikes up her dress and lowers herself on me.
It is over in 5 mins. The position is awkward and I'm clumsy with eagerness. Bright lights explode and swirl around my head as she rocks her hips back and forth, grinding against my groin pain etching my face as our bones grate against one another.
After it's over, she stands up, pulling down her dress with a wriggle of her hips. She must have sensed the embarrassment painted across my features, even in the darkness. I cannot look her in the eye and I feel as small as my slowly shrinking penis.
She leans down, kisses me gently on the cheek. Taking my hand, she pulls me up towards her. "I's OK. We can try again tomorrow"
My smile lights up the darkened room as we hold hands and slip outside. I float home, eight feet off the ground. It was like winning the lottery - a moment so surreal I had to touch myself, the dampness of my cock assuring me of the reality. And thus it had begun...for all things that begin, something must end. This was the beginning to an eight month tutoring that would take me through the rest of my life. This was the end of my innocence.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

hazardous orgasmic delight

Vibrator 'threat to national security'

A British made radio-controlled vibrator has been banned in Cyprus after it was branded a threat to national security.

The British made radio-controlled vibrator which has been banned in Cyprus /Ext

The Cypriot military are concerned the sex toy's electronic waves will disrupt the army's radio frequencies on the island.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

the answer

Because She Would Ask Me Why I Loved Her

If questioning would make us wise
No eyes would ever gaze in eyes;
If all our tale were told in speech
No mouths would wander each to each.

Were spirits free from mortal mesh
And love not bound in hearts of flesh
No aching breasts would yearn to meet
And find their ecstasy complete.

For who is there that lives and knows
The secret powers by which he grows?
Were knowledge all, what were our need
To thrill and faint and sweetly bleed?

Then seek not, sweet, the "If" and "Why"
I love you now until I die.
For I must love because I live
And life in me is what you give.

~Christopher Brennan (1870-1932)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

to eat of the apple (...initiations & innocence)

"Bend your fingers like this"

She had first guided my mouth to her soft pink pussy, holding the hem of her dress with one hand, pushing gently against my head with her other. A jolt of raw hunger surged through me leaving me breathless and light-headed. Her fine pubic hairs tickled my nose as my tongue made initial contact with the soft folds of her pussy. Her scent filled my senses, swirling around my head-a sharp yet sweet mist of pheromones and lust. Pushing my tongue further into the dark wet gash, I lap urgently swallowing the warm fluid that flowed across my lips and down my chin. She groaned deep and long as her thighs quivered on either side of my face. Subtle vibrations like an aphrodisia of carnal wanting. Heated flesh on damp skin. I rutted against her cunt drinking from her fountain of desire. After several moments she reached down to pick up my hand and guided it inside her, my middle finger slipping effortlessly into her. The inside of her is soft and raging hot. I had never felt the inside of a woman before. There is a wet squelching sound as I push and prod against the spongy walls. She groans again, long and deep and my cock which had grown rock hard, twitched maddeningly against the inside my shorts, scuffing painfully against the course material. I groan in response. Her musk has filled my head, nose and mouth. I want to drink and never stop. I want to suck on her soft clit as it pokes out of it's protective hood. I want to drown in her. I want to fuck her.

I am kneeling between her thighs on the cold wet cement floor, but I barely notice the cold and the dampness. The bitter-sweet salty taste of her still lingers on my lips. It is a heady aroma that has permeated my head and loins. I have pulled my hard cock from under my shorts and I am jerking on it urgently. Panting with fervour and lust I look up at her.

"Now put another finger inside"

With two fingers inside her, I crook them obediently. Her fingers dig painfully around my wrist as she guides my fingers in and out while I watch, eyes wide in amazement and yearning. I look up at her. Her eyes are closed and head is thrown back against the bathroom wall, lips parted sightly. Her breasts heave as she pants in ecstacy. I look down at my hand again. It is a surreal moment. I feel detached, an almost out-of-body moment-floating on a cloud of unbridled wantoness, intoxicated by the illicit guilt of our actions.
Suddenly there is a hand against the back of my head, snapping me back to the moment, fingers entwined tightly in the short hairs. Her nails cut into my wrists and I yelp in surprise and pain just at the same moment as a moan, long and low escapes her lips. Her thighs tighten and begin to shudder, her voice quivering in unison. The walls of her pussy clamp down on my fingers and release in quick succession like a puppy suckling on a bitch's teat. A trickle of fluid runs down my fingers, pooling briefly in my palm before snaking it's way down to my wrist. She held my hand steady as her body bucked and spasmed, grunting with every expelled breath, before she finally pulled out my fingers, glistening and soaked, from inside her. Reacting by pure instinct, I flicked my tongue out to taste the sap flowing from her cunt and she jumped back in response, her body slamming against the wall. She whimpered and then slid down to kneel in front of me. Grasping my face in both her hands, her eyes locked with mine she kissed me softly.
Finally she helped me up and we both rose as she takes me by the hand. "It's getting late", she says and lead me out of the bathroom.
School had ended more than 45 minutes ago. I am supposed to be home more than 20 minutes ago. I grabbed my books and start to run home, praying that I don't get beaten for being late. But today, I will take the lashings with a smile on my face.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Music from the speaker horns above us crackle with distortion, competing for sound supremacy with the din of machinery. The relentless screams of kids and adults pierce the air, even above the pistol shot sounds of hydraulics, the rumble of gears and the high-pitched whine of wheels on rails. It is late summer at the Pacific National Exhibition and the grounds are alive with people, a riot of colour, sounds and smells.
We stop in front of one of the stalls causing an eddy in the flow of people as they swirl to avoid us, smatterings of conversations and laughter surging around us.
"You could win me a teddy bear", she says with a smile, the sparkle of an unspoken secret between us glinting in her eyes. "It would be softer between my breasts than a pillow"

I have my arms crossed. She is leaning on me, her soft breasts under the thin cotton of her t-shirt pressed against my bare arm. I turn my head to look at her and from under my right arm I sneak my left and grope for her nipple finding the tiny nub almost immediately. With a smirk, I pinch down and twist in one motion.
She jerks upright instantly, draws a sharp breath between clenched teeth and drops her head down to nuzzle against my neck. She whimpers quietly for a moment while I gather her in my arms running my hand under her shirt stroking the small of her back.

She raises her head to look at me, her green eyes smoldering with passion, bright with moisture as they lock on to my face. A moment crosses the space between us, something so tangible we could almost touch it, taste it. It is a moment so sublime, as spiritual as the symphonic emotions of a first kiss. The world around us disappeared, sucked out with a rush as if in a vortex. The constant unraveling thread of time pauses for the briefest instant, only to return in the next second of our blinking eyes.

I smile passionately back at her. "Show me the teddy bear you like"

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

communion IV [awakening]

"Sleep brings no rest to me:
The shadows of the dead
My wakening eyes may never see
Surround my bed".
~Emily Bronte (The Horrors of Sleep)

A curious calm falls like a curtain, the air hushed by a single breath. Eleanna is stretched out on the altar like a sacrificial lamb. She is naked from the waist up, her dress bunched and twisted around her hips. Her eyes are closed, her hands clasped together on her stomach. Her breasts rise and fall with every deep breath, pink nipples stiff and pointed in the chilled air. Every breath she takes flows through me like a silk sash fluttering in the wind. I am standing above her with my hand around her throat. Gently I move my fingers to stroke her outstretched neck. Her pulse palpitates beneath my fingers trickling through my palm vibrating my senses like a plucked harp string. Ghostly pale in the warm yellow light, her features are shadowed and soft.

She is beautiful beyond reason, and yet as I gaze down at her, all I want to do is ravage her. Her softness and her innocence evokes dark imagery inside my head that has lain dormant for too long. Purity as a virtue has left her beauty unmarred, washing her soul clean like a baptism.

I start to slide my hand down. My cock strains against the inside of my jeans. I can almost feel the warmth of her mouth over it. The feeling is so palpable that I have trouble controlling my breathing.
I want to fondle her beautiful breasts-to carve my fingers into the soft flesh and watch as her skin burns red from my fingers. I yearn to run my thumb across each engorged nipple. The hunger to run my tongue across each angry welt from my nails as they rise to the surface of her pale white skin consumes me. I want to hear the sharp intake of her breath, her tiny whimper. I would lick each tear that trickled from the corner of her eyes, to let the salty extracts soothe the abrasiveness as it slipped down my raw throat. I flicked my tongue across my cracked lips.
Suddenly a sharp pain spears through me. The ornate dirk which dangled from the black velvet collar had nicked the soft fleshy edge my palm. "Shit!", I exclaim bringing my hand up for a closer look. Glinting like an eye in the warm glow of the candle light a drop of bright red beads out of the small wound. I am fascinated by the sight. My vision starts to blur. From deep within me there is a stirring. A gnarled leathery eyelid creaked slowly open, cracking painfully from the ravages of all this time that it had stayed closed, to reveal an obsidian eye. Little rivulets of blood begun to flow from the edges, filling in the spaces.

It had finally awoken.

Before I can react, Eleana has reached for my hand pulling it towards her. She extends her tongue and as quick as an asp, licks the droplet of blood from my palm. She runs the tip across her lips savouring the metallic tang smearing her pink lips with a crimson streak.
"Fuck me!", she whispers harshly, urgently reaching for me.